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FDCPA (top 10 violations to look for) 1


Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Attorney


Established in 1978, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects individuals from the fair debt collection practices act violation many agencies unfortunately employ today. The act was created to eliminate abusive practices in the collection of consumer debts, to advocate for fair debt collection, and to offer consumers a way to dispute and obtain validation of debt information in order to ensure the information’s accuracy.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Business Debt

The FDCPA creates guidelines under which debt collectors may conduct business, defines rights of consumers involved with debt collectors, and prescribes penalties and remedies for violations of the Act. We can use the specific rights afforded by this act to stop harassing calls to your home and place of business and afford you respect and privacy.

Top 10 list:

  • Can not call you before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm
  • Must disclose that they are calling from a debt collection agency and they are attempting to collect a debt
  • Can not use profanity during call
  • Can not threaten lawsuits, garnishments or judgement if they do not have the intent to do so.
  • Contacting you at work if you told them not to. This includes calling you on your cell phone while at work.
  • Can not threaten to take your property
  • Can not disclose your debt to a third party such as relative, friend, neighbor or call worker
  • Can’t continue to call you when you tell them to communicate in writing only
  • Can’t continue to add erroneous fees to the total balance
  • Can’t leave voicemails that are threatening.

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